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under the rain by Niv-Ryo under the rain by Niv-Ryo
i feel oh so meh...I struggled to draw this...It took me a whole day to finish it/ unlike me :c I feel ignored ;; and everytime i do...It makes me feel bad and down :'C also i THINK i might get get drawing if im inspired but im not sure...
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sinenV Featured By Owner May 8, 2009
I do hope you get your drive for drawing back because you make such amazing pictures, and you owe people requests >:3 -shot-
Anyway, we all want you to get it back, we don't like seeing you sad liek this
SketchyMouse Featured By Owner May 8, 2009
Dont feel down :hug: Im sure your inspiration will come back soon :hug:
Sorame Featured By Owner May 8, 2009
No inspiration? Well, you're doing awesome so far. this one is full of feelings... like you've poured your soul into it. That's very good! ^w^ P.S. The darker-tipped paws make her look cuter for some reason. >>;
Dragonice315 Featured By Owner May 8, 2009
Hmm.. I hope you'll be okay. Though I saw you on and messaged you but you left. ^^; But remember that I'll be here.. I'm on all day as it's my turn so yeah.

Also this drawing is really good. And trust me, I'm sure everyone gets stuck on what to do when they draw. That happens to me alot but only when I'm not in the best of moods. And it's happening to me too, But I'm just gonna look ahead and see how I have you and all my friends so the bad stuff will disappear. You should do that too love. <33
MattTheUmbreon Featured By Owner May 7, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Inspiration I think is all you need, my dear little Nivvy~... I think that this one turned out really well, quite personally... And you know--come to think of it, maybe another thing you could do is touch up a few of your past projects, maybe trying something new like what you did earlier? Maybe try taking the finished products, but maybe experiment with shading, accessories, listen to music while you're working on it, maybe write a small short story while you're at it, or even read other people's poetry and stories. Maybe even use a particular mood or feeling for your medium. If even maybe roleplay with others online and doodle on the side~. This came out super fantastic I think, and I think that day-long projects often times hold more power and are even done better, in some cases. I really am liking this Skymin form you did, dear. It really fits the idea behind Niv. I'm just jealous I didn't think it up first. >w< Keep it up Nivvy~. Just remember that we're always thinking of you.
Curvee Featured By Owner May 7, 2009
This picture looks awesome Nee-San~ !!! <33 Tho i feel sorry for niv >: She looks all sad D:
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May 7, 2009
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